the name says it all

How do we create beautiful, functional solutions every time? Because of three unique qualities—hence, the “tre” in our name. First is our engineering and general contracting expertise, as well as our creativity. Second, we pay personal attention to every customer and project, ensuring you get a solution that meets your goals, timeline, and budget. The final piece is the exceptional service behind the product, which you can count on for as long as you have your trevi solution.

creative engineering

This is more than a piece of glass. Someone will be looking at it every day, sharing and creating, inspiring and being inspired. It needs to be functional, but beautiful and unique. We use our engineering, contracting, and creative expertise—delivering designs using any graphic or color you can imagine—to accomplish that goal.

personalized solutions

We’re not just order takers and you’re not just a number to us. We start by getting to know you and your project, asking questions so we fully understand your vision and goals. We then offer creative solutions based on our expertise and experience—and, of course, respecting your budget, timeline, and other requirements. And because we’re engineers and former contractors, we’re great at problem solving. Let us know what you’re struggling with; our bet is, we can help.

a true partner

When you invest in any painted glass solution from trevi, you get the trevi team as part of the deal. We stand behind our products with consistent, exceptional service, getting your order to you when you need it and supporting you with whatever you need—even helping you when it’s time to move.  

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