The Slider

Make the most of your wall! Wall space in offices is at a premium. With the Trevi Slider, you can double your wall space for more ideas and creativity. The Slider offers you the ability to have painted glass on your wall with a second layer sliding in front. Alternately, you can have the Slider mounted in front of shelving, libraries, or storage areas. 

As with other Trevi products, you have options. The glass can be any color or size and can be magnetic or non-magnetic. Allow your Trevi Slider to fit your style by selecting either the Sydney’s Sleek Slider or the Barn Door Slider mounting system.




The Sydney Sleek Slider

  • The Sydney Sleek Slider
  • The Sydney Sleek Slider

The Barn Door Slider

  • The Barndoor Slider
  • The Barndoor Slider

Uniquely yours,

Uniquely Trevi


Personalized & Customized Branding

With the ability to match any color and add any graphic, we can customize your Trevi solution to meet any unique need, including branding. Your needs and our imagination make the possibilities endless.

Trevi painted glass product

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