Clean and sleek, yet highly functional, trevi painted glass is the perfect solution for healthcare spaces

trevi glass is beautifully smooth and compatible with any marker, and no staining or ghosting—ideal for areas with constant activity

The face of healthcare is changing, and so are the options to make the job easier for busy staff. Old dry erase boards are messy and impractical and exactly what hospitals and other healthcare facilities do not want around their patients. trevi painted glass is the perfect material for any healthcare application.

Clean, smooth, and impenetrable, trevi painted glass is ideal for patient boards, walls, or any space requiring a place to communicate and collaborate. trevi painted glass cleans completely every time, so you have a fresh, clean surface that will stay that way, even with heavy use. trevi will work with you to customize your glass with color and graphics to get the look and serve the function you need.

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