glass options

Glass Thickness: Thickness has no bearing on the durability of the glass surface—it is a style/design preference. The most commonly used thickness is 1/4”; however, if you prefer a more substantial look, you can choose 3/8” or 1/2”.

Etched Glass: Satin etched glass has a velvet-like feel to the touch. When painted, it produces beautiful colors that you cannot get with any other product. This type of glass is best suited for a decorative wall covering or accent but is not designed to be used as a writing surface.

Magnetic Glass: You can choose to make your glassboard a magnetic board. This option is fantastic, allowing you to make presentations more interactive by attaching visual aids to the glass using magnets. The magnetic option is only available in 1/4” thickness.

Glass Color: With trevi, there are no limits when it comes to color. Unlike other painted glass, trevi glass can be matched to any color you can imagine for a customized look or a uniquely branded space. Click here to view some samples from our color library.

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