trevi glassboards take the place
of dingy, messy whiteboards,
blending functionality with
color and beauty—inspiring
learning and creativity

vibrant, clean, and easy to work with, trevi glassboards fit beautifully into classrooms, conference rooms, libraries—anywhere you can imagine

So many studies have been done about learning styles and how children learn best. It is undisputed that bright colors inspire learning and help with information. Retention rates are also accelerated once something is written or drawn. With trevi painted glass instead of dingy, boring, messy whiteboards, educators can find all sorts of new ways to inspire creativity and learning.

trevi painted glass can be customized with bright colors and are perfect for classroom environments as they can be written on and cleaned completely after every use. It can be safely adhered to existing walls for complete coverage, which allows children to do the one thing we could never do as kids–write on the wall!

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