Now that most states are re-opening, and employees are getting ready to return to their offices, cubicles, and all-day meetings, health and safety is the number one topic for employers to bring back their team back to work.

As organizations begin planning this transition back to the office, designers have been focusing on new options for the future of a healthy workplace. Things might be different. Minimalism, cleanability, and mobility are the three keys for every design.

Social distancing measures, as well as safety protocols, are being implemented. Capping group sizes, adding easily sanitized screens to cubicles, and reducing unnecessary items or furniture in high traffic areas are some of the elements you may see when returning to work. Both Nelson Architecture in their webinar on the office space of 2021, and Gensler in Reshaping the Healthy Workplace series from Contract Magazine announce their plans to add isolation rooms in their design to minimize further exposure for potentially sick employee in the Post-COVID World.


Elevator lobbies, reception areas, and conference room, that see high traffic volume are being repurposed, removing furniture to comply with social distancing, adding touchless door openings systems and revisiting material used on surfaces and wall. When it comes to materials, some respond faster and more efficiently to disinfectants. Due to its durability, cleanability, and versatility, back painted glass is being seen as the new player in the world of design. Not only does it make the office safer for your employees and visitors, the possibilities with painted glass are endless. From a full wall branded with your logo or your color scheme, to the reception desk, elevator lobby, or bathroom wall, you can now clean not only your floor but your whole office space with EPA approved disinfectant and follow all CDC recommendations.

Getting your employees and your clients to come back to a much safer, healthier and unique office space!

Author: Soizic Michaud

Dynamic and results-focused senior marketing and communication leader with a great achievement in increasing growth, business profitability and brand recognition. Recognized for the ability to lead the development and execution of various projects every steps of the way, being highly knowledgeable and talented in numerous skills: graphic design, SEO/SEM, digital marketing,budgeting, analytics, web design, and management.