A new trend is quickly spreading in the design world: Painted Glass

You may have seen it recently in a lot of new lobbies and office spaces, traditional painted walls and wall paper are out— modern, colorful, and vibrant glasswalls are in! Three main reasons companies are shifting toward back painted glass: Durability, functionality, and customizable to your needs.


Now more than ever, architects and designers are studying and incorporating materials that can be easily cleaned repeatedly with commercial grade disinfectant without harming the surface and keep your work environment safe and germs free (healthy).

Glass is the solution. Unlike wall paper and paint that can peel and stain, back painted glass does not lose it vibrant color over time, nor does it absorb germs, making it the perfect material for your high traffic areas such as lobbies, conference rooms, bathrooms, restaurants, or medical offices.


Back painted glass can be used for more than just an architectural wall.

Trevi offers a vast line of painted glass options that are elegant and fit in with any décor. From a simple rectangle glassboard, to a sliding (gliding) glass wall, or a moveable glassboard to use anywhere your heart desires. A back painted glassboard is the solution you will love! The tempered safety glass makes the boards stronger than a simple dry erase board, and you can write and erase the markers easily with no risk of ghosting or staining over time. With a lifetime warranty, Trevi is confident your glassboard will last.

These sleek and modern glassboards can be magnetic or non-magnetic based on your need. They can be cut to size and turned into beautiful, functional, and unique cubicle glass partitions, workable desks and tables, or a backsplash layout. The options are endless, and with our team of creative engineers we can make your dream office shine into reality.


The beauty of glass is not just its durability and functionality, but also the versatility of the design. Trevi can create any color you desire for your painted glass board, and any photo or company logo can be added to the design as well

Each Trevi Glass wall or glass board is truly created and locally manufactured just for you and with your needs in mind.

Our unique painted glass wall offers a sleek design, multi functionality, and easy maintenance and durability makes the Trevi glass board the perfect added touch to your office space.

Author: Soizic Michaud

Dynamic and results-focused senior marketing and communication leader with a great achievement in increasing growth, business profitability and brand recognition. Recognized for the ability to lead the development and execution of various projects every steps of the way, being highly knowledgeable and talented in numerous skills: graphic design, SEO/SEM, digital marketing,budgeting, analytics, web design, and management.